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Innovative products:Smart cartridge for Canon desktop inkjet printers Oct,18 2018

Why develop smart cartridge?

Comparing different kinds of consumables in market:

1.Recycable cartridge:The cartridge quality is out of control because of multiple recycling.It is half price of original cartridge or even more.It is not competitive.The printing cost is still high.

2.CISS:CISS is a good choice.However,some of Canon models are  very difficult to install CISS.Because the space for some Canon underfeed printer is very small and easily block ink tube.Most of them couldn't install CISS.Therefore,our R&D department worked out smart cartridge especially for these models.

3.Manual refill:Manual refill requests the ability of practical  skills and the ink quantity is not easy to control.If refill less,it will not print out.If refill more,it may damage printers.The overall effect is not good.

4.Smart cartridge:Simple installation,competitive price.The consumers could install smart cartridge themselves.Base on our more than 16 years of ink experience.Smart cartridge is equipped with our professional ink and the printing quality is more guaranteed.The design principle of smart cartridge is the same with original cartridge.It could prolong the print head life and easy replacement.Could save around 95% printing cost.It is one of the most suitable alternative cartridge for Canon printer.No best,only better.Innovative smart cartridge is pregnant with prospects and profits.Seize business opportunity only once!Please don't let it slip away.

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