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HP printer with CISS kit Jun,5 2019

HP printer with CISS kit

After long time researching and testing,we use new original ink cartridge to modify HP deskjet 1112 printer with CISS.We supply new HP deskjet 1112 printer with CISS kit and 5 bottles of dye ink inside.

Following is the advantage of modified printer with CISS.

1.You could print freely if printer is modified and no worry about ink refills.

2.The printing cost can be reduced greatly by modifying the printer,the comparison is as follows:

Ink cartridge and  CISS kit

Standard ink capacity

Printed pages (5% coverage)

803 original BK


190 pages

803 original CL


165 pages

After modification BK


11000 pages

After modification CL


11000 pages


1.High quality of printer ink,bright color and vivid picture.High degree of reduction.The ink is fine and smooth. Document printing and photo printing are both great.

2.Good fluency, continuous printing,no color missing, to ensure the stable printing of large print users.

3.Hundreds of environmental tests to ensure that the ink supply is perfectly and smoothly under low temperature and high temperature conditions. At the same time, the environment of the users in the south and the users in the north is taken into consideration.

4.A large number of print tests and life tests are carried out during the development phase to ensure that every detail can run stably for a long time.

5.High performance ink, no clogging, high precision and no cross-color

6.The new original ink cartridge is modified, the original chip is absolutely compatible with the corresponding printer, the capacity is larger after modification, the continuous printing is more stable, and the life is longer.

7.Exquisite craft, standardized production processes, and demanding details make each set of CISS system reach the industry leading level.

HP 1112 printer with CISS kit

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