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Potential problems and resolutions for Canon smart cartridge​​ 2019-07-11

Potential problems and resolutions for Canon smart cartridge

I. Nozzle test sheet is line missing or color missing.

1. Please check whether the cartridge appearance is in a good situation or not, the cartridge head is  damaged or not. Please don’t use problem original empty cartridge.

2. Place original cartridge long time no use: Because of climate and temperature, humidity and other factors difference. If place ink cartridge 10 days or more, it means long time no use. The cartridge nozzle will dry if long time no use and nozzle testing will be line missing, color missing or couldn’t print out completely. Resolution: Soak cartridge nozzle into hot water(around 70℃) about 2cm, let it silence about half an hour. Then use tissue paper to wipe off water from print head and chip contact carefully. Press nozzle bottom on tissue paper slightly to check whether the traces of water is well distributed or not, then you can judge the print head situations.  Note: please take care of nozzle and chip contact to avoid any damage.

a). If traces of water is not well distributed, please prolong soaking time and then judge the situations again.   

b).If traces of water is well distributed, please install smart cartridge and do head cleaning to check final result.

c).If the situation is bad after all procedures, the printer head may be damaged and please change to new original cartridge.

3. Original ink cartridge is just used up or storage time is within 10 days: You can install smart cartridge and execute the head cleaning to check whether the nozzle is normal or not. If just line missing slightly, you can do head cleaning again or set aside several hours then test again.

II. Print head inspection is normal, however, after installing smart cartridge, the printing is line missing or blank:

1.After installation, the test is line missing: Please do head cleaning again if line missing slightly.

2.After installation, the test is print blank:

a).Please check whether the smart cartridges are installed in the right position or not.

b).Please check whether the cartridge yellow seal is tore off or not.

3. After printing a period of time or a certain pages, please check whether the ink inside smart cartridges is used up or not.  If yes, please change to one new set of smart cartridges.

III. After installation, the printer couldn’t detect the ink cartridge.

1.Take out ink cartridge and check whether the smart cartridge is pressed down to right position or not.

2.Check whether the head chip contact is damaged or not.

IV.A little ink may be leaking out while installation.

In order to let consumers have the largest printing pages, our prefilled ink is up to saturation point, therefore, there may be a little ink leaking out while installation, it will not affect normal printing, please use tissue to wipe off leaking ink to avoid staining others.

V. There is no ink pumping system for some Canon printers.

It is unable to draw ink itself if no ink pumping system inside printers and ink couldn’t reach to ink cartridge nozzle, so will cause line missing or color missing. Please use our draw tools to draw ink out and use tissue to wipe off stain.  Note: The draw tools is suitable for 210/211/510/511/512/513/745/746/810/811 series. The draw tools is fit with black silicon and color silicon.

Canon smart cartridge

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