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HP ink tank printer 2019-07-02

HP printer with CISS kit

We modify HP printer with CISS kit,we sell the whole set:HP brand new printer with CISS kit and 5 bottles of 100ML high-quality dye ink(2 bottles of black inks and 1 bottle for each color inks:Cyan,Magenta,Yellow.)

HP printer with CISS kit

I.The printing cost can be reduced greatly by modifying the printer,the comparison is as follows:

Original ink cartridge and CISS kit

Standard ink capacity

Printed pages (5% coverage)

803 original BK


190 pages

803 original CL


165 pages

After modification BK


11000 pages

After modification CL


11000 pages

II.Compare with refillable ink cartridge

Ink capacity


Time and frequency


Nozzle life

Refillable ink cartridge

Black 15ml

Color 5ml

During the process of refilling, the ink may drop onto nozzle part ,and the ink refilling hole may overflow the ink and is easy to dirty hands.

Have to refill ink frequency for large printing

Need professional technician to refill ink,or easy to damage ink cartridge and printer

The nozzle is easy to print empty and dry,shorten the nozzle life

CISS kit

Black 70ml

Color 35ml

Refill with bottled ink,convenient and not easy dirty hands.

Continuous printing for large printing

Fool-like refilling,simple and efficient

The ink is continuously supplied to nozzle and lengthen nozzle life

III.CISS kit set

1.The screws are tightened, no longer worrying about accidentally touching and dumping, and don't worry about the child's curiosity and raise the external ink tank.

2. When the ink is filled and the CISS ink tank is closed, it reaches the constant pressure state, and it is not necessary to operate the constant pressure multiple times,the operation is more convenient.

3.Dust proof design, effectively prevent dust from entering the ink and ink cartridges, to prevent plugging.

IV.Good appearance

1. Closely conform to the printer, refer to the original printer's inclination, theexternal ink tankis more stable and not easy to shake.

2.Built-in hidden ink tube, the pipeline is not exposed, not easy to damage, more beautiful.

V.Good after-sales service.

The professional after-sales service team provides you with solutions for any in-use questions and after-sales support for other related consumables.

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