CISS(Continuous ink supply system) and ink factory
New ink tank system 2019-04-10

Ink tank system

We design this kind of ink tank CISS for Canon,HP,Brother and Epson desktop inkjet printers.

The design is perfect and there are two kinds of color surface:black tank and red tank.The design and color do match with printers.Install this kind of CISS tank aside printer,you will get the Canon ink tank printer, HP ink tank printer,Brother ink tank printer,Epson ink tank printer.It is very similar to the original ink tank system printer.The CISS ink tank could be refilled 4 colors of printer ink.It is 65ML per color.

ink tank CISS

ink tank CISSink tank CISS

Canon ecotank,Epson ecotank,Brother ecotank,HP ecotank

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