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Ink cartridges for Canon 2019-03-25

Refillable Cartridge Sets (RCS) are specially designed refillable cartridges for multiuse.Compatible ink cartridges are perfect for use both at home and in the office

Canon printer ink cartridges with ARC chip(Auto reset chip).You could keep printing long time.Printer cartridge refill are transparent.You could check the ink levels easily and know how much ink inside.There is less chance of overfilling the printer cartridge when refilling. Refilling computer cartridges are as easy as removing rubber plug and using a syringe with needle to injecting some ink inside.Refillable printer ink cartridges can be filled time and time again and often will overlast the printer.Normally,there will not be problems with refilling,due to fairly simple design and super easy refilling.Cartridge canon have different shapes and sizes,depending on the printer models they fit.

Installing the refillable cartridges is the same with the installation of original cartridges and you can do it yourself. If use computer ink cartridge refills properly, the Canon printer cartridges may even last longer than the printer itself.

The cartridge chip may fail sometimes,but it is easy to replace.If you have any issues with inkjet printer ink cartridge or chips,please contact us!

It is better to get ink cartridges refilled.

Empty printer cartridges are also available

Black ink cartridge:25ML

Canon color cartridges:15ML for each color

Advantages of computer cartridge refills:

  • Complete solution, supplied with ink
  • Easy installation,easy refilling
  • Needn’t change the structure of printers.
  • Save printing cost more than 90%
  • One set of ink cartridge refill for the entire life of the printer

kinds of ink cartridges

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